Enrollment is an ongoing challenge for UM—in the fall of 2016 enrollment dropped 4.8%. Factors contributing to the drop in enrollment include recent negative press, society devaluing a liberal arts education, and an increased competitive environment.

W!T was brought on to elevate the University to a place of relevance in the competitive market, showcasing the University’s unique culture, world-class education, and community-driven ethos through two :30 commercials that would air regionally and nationally during college football games.


W!T worked with the University to gather the thought-leaders, the passionate, and the influencers for an immersion session. This group, 18 strong, was made up of alumni, professors, staff, and students.

After the deep dive session, we drilled down to two key insights:

  • The Power of the Place—UM’s unique location and integrated layout of the town and college facilitates an idealistic culture that draws a unique type of person—cool, creative, independent—who are driven, creative in their pursuits, and achieve excellence in their particular field.

  • Reimagining Liberal Arts—recognizing people are drawn to UM for its reputation as a premier liberal arts school, but current market perception is that a liberal arts degree is a dead-end.

In order to elevate the UM brand in the market they needed a brand-level messaging and creative overhaul, providing them with a campaign concept that could be leveraged across all channels and fully integrated into their marketing plan. 

The concept of Let’s Go There, was born. Empowering, aspirational, and rewarding. A double entendre that literally means attend the University of Montana AND when you attend the University of Montana, you are part of a unique tribe who goes above and beyond their comfort zone to achieve success.


  • UM’s TV commercials were better than MSU’s. Go Griz!

  • The University embraced the commercials and the concept as their new battle cry

  • University President, Royce Engstrom, built his State of the University speech around Let’s Go There 

  • The campaign commercials have laid the groundwork in helping to move the brand-affinity needle for potential in-and out-of-state students